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One of the most important functions of Kilkenny County Council is the making of a Development Plan for the City and County.  The review of the County Development Plan begins on 20th April 2018. The process will take two years to complete. The Plan will set out the strategic spatial vision and future direction for the county over a six year period from 2020 to 2026. In developing this we will build on our previous successes and our strategic advantages as a county. We will maximise the strengths of our citizens, communities, built and natural heritage, infrastructure and tourism to their full potential.

The process of making a Development Plan is set out below.


This Issues Paper is the first step in the preparation of a new Plan.

 At this early stage in the process, we are considering the “big picture” issues in the county. The Issues Papers are intended to stimulate debate on some of these matters and to encourage and facilitate your involvement in the process at this early stage. We encourage you to actively participate in helping to shape the future of your county. There will be further opportunities to engage in the process and we would sincerely hope that you take every opportunity to make your contribution.

 The Development Plan can help to create a more inclusive, attractive, competitive and safe city and county. The success of the next Kilkenny County Development Plan depends on your active participation.

 At this stage, we need to hear from you!

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