City Draft Plan Appendices

City Appendix F: List of Native Trees and Shrubs

Choosing the right species of tree and shrub is very important in urban areas where there are restrictions on space.  Where possible, always use native species.  Below is a list of the trees and shrubs native to Ireland, and advice on the locations to which they are suited.


Common name

Latin name

City Appendix E: Survey of Mature Trees



Grid Reference

Common Name


Industrial & Business Park, Dublin Rd

S 5350 5489

City Appendix D: Rights of way and Recreational Walking routes

Appendix D

Rights of Way

List of rights of way in the City & Environs as identified on Figure 7.2 at the time of writing this Plan:

·       Nore Linear Park – Kilkenny City


List of Recreational Walking Trails 

Long Distance Walks:

·       The Nore Valley Walk

Sites of Nature Conservation Interest and Woodlands which are accessible to the public


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