Appropriate Assessment

D23 Archaeology, Nature Conservation

Re: Draft County and City & Environs Development Plans for 2014-2020
A Chara,
I refer to the above Plans. Please find hereunder the observations and recommendations of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht for consideration by your Authority.
Underwater Archaeology

City 7. Heritage

7         Heritage

Strategic Aim: To seek the protection, sustainable management and where possible, enhancement of heritage for the benefit of current and future generations and to promote increased awareness of heritage through policies and actions.

City 1. Introduction

1         Introduction

The City of Kilkenny has a rich and varied history.  It is known as the medieval capital of Ireland. Founded over one thousand years ago, its influences are Norman, Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian and modern. It is unique among Irish regional towns; managing to maintain a vibrancy and balance between the needs of development and the protection of the basic fabric of its historic layout which has remained unchanged for centuries.


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