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Re: Submission in relation to Draft Kilkenny County Development Plan 2014 - 2020

Dear Sir / Madam,

Mainstream Renewable Power wish to make the following submission to Kilkenny County Council in relation the Wind Energy Development Strategy 2014 - 2020 which is currently in draft format.


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The Irish Wind Energy Association (“IWEA”) is Ireland’s leading renewable energy representative body and as such has an active interest in the potential for renewable energy, and in particular wind energy and so IWEA feels it is critically important to make a submission to the Review of the Kilkenny County Development Plan process.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Bord Gáis Energy (BGE) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the draft Kilkenny County Development Plan 2014 – 2020.

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          This is a submission on behalf of the Phelan Family of Conahy, Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny to the County Development Plan for 2014 – 2020. It is in relation to the zoning of areas which will be deemed ‘Preferred’ in the Wind Energy Development Strategy and in particular to the family land in Conahy outside Ballyragget. Figure 1 below shows the location of these lands on an ordnance survey map. This submission details the reasons why this land and the surrounding areas should be designated suitable for wind energy development.


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