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In relation to the Brewery Site, and on foot of recent meetings with various creative interests in the City; I think that there is potential in the development of a Creative Hub on the Brewery Site. This could bring together various disciplines such as the highly regarded Jewellery Making Course, Pottery, Animation, Graphic and Industrial Design as well as the possiblility of a Third Level Presence of a Drama/Theatre College linked to our municipal Watergate Theatre, specialising perhaps in Theatre for young audiences and technical aspects of theatre production.

D19 Motorcaravan parking

Tourism Sector – Development at Smithwicks Brewery Site and other towns and villages in the county.

I am a motorcaravan tourist and with the inclusion of dedicated parking for motorcaravans in the vehicle parking development of the Brewery site it will increase the tourist numbers visiting the city. Similar development at towns and villages throughout the county will bring increased business to these locations. I have used this type of facility as a tourist both here in Ireland and all over the Continent in my Motorcaravan since 1997.

D26 Barnstorm Theatre

Further to the current public consultation in relation to the development plan for Kilkenny and specifically for the St Francis Abbey Brewery site, we would like to make the following submission.

Barnstorm Theatre Company has developed its unique brand of theatre arts in Kilkenny since 1991 and finds itself in need of more suitable premises to house its diverse activities and the many groups and individuals throughout the county that benefit from the services and facilities that it provides.

D1 - Smithwick's site

Development of the brewery site


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