The Record of Protected Structures


This post explains what the Record of Protected Structures is, what the implications of being included on the RPS are, and why it matters.


Retail/Heritage Meeting Resources

Denis Malone - Retail/Heritage the Parade Tower 24th July 2012

Dearbhala Ledwidge Retail/Heritage the Parade Tower 24th July 2012

Heritage Meeting Resources

Denis Malone- Heritage Presentation

Dearbhala Ledwidge- Heritage Presentation

County Development Plan Chapter 8

8          Heritage

8.1       Introduction

County Kilkenny has a rich and varied heritage. It includes our rivers, woodlands, landscape, hedgerows, our historic churches and abbeys, our medieval towns and villages and much more.  Kilkenny’s heritage is that which makes the county unique, what gives it its special character and its ‘sense of place’. It is a reflection and expression of our values and traditions.



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