3. Core Strategy

3   Core Strategy

Strategic Aim: To implement the provisions of the Regional Planning Guidelines and to target the growth of Kilkenny City, Ferrybank/Belview, the District Towns,  the other settlements in the hierarchy and rural areas to advance sustainable development. 

2. Demographic and Socio-Economic Trends

2   Demographic and Socio-Economic Trends

2.1   Population

Census 2011 records the population of County Kilkenny as 95,419 which is an increase of 7,861 over the population recorded in 2006[1].  This is a 9% population increase for the county over the period and compares well with the State which averaged an increase of 8%.

'Kilkenny People' articles; the future of the City


As part of the public consultation for the Development Plans, a series of themed articles were published in the ‘Kilkenny People’ during Summer 2012.  These articles will be reproduced on this blog, courtesy of Tess Felder, over the next few weeks.  The articles were intended to provoke interest and stimulate debate. The first article poses important questions about the future development of the city.  


Kilkenny City's Future Development

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