10. Renewable Energy Strategy

10   Renewable Energy Strategy

Strategic Aim: To promote and facilitate all forms of renewable energies and improvements in energy efficiencies as a response to climate change. 

10.1   Introduction

Renewable energy sources are defined here as inexhaustible natural resources which occur naturally and repeatedly in the environment. These sources include the wind, oceans, plant life and falling water.

9. Infrastructure and Environment

9   Infrastructure & Environment

Strategic Aim: To provide a framework for the protection of the environment, including water quality, the avoidance of flood risk and the provision of a high quality telecommunications infrastructure.

9.1   Water services

9.1.1   Achievements

During the period of the last plan, significant improvement works were carried out to water services infrastructure in the county, including to the following schemes:

Renewable Energy Meeting Resources

Catriona Reilly- Renewable Energy 1st August 2012 - Graiguenamanagh

Declan Keogh- Renewable Energy 1st August 2012 Graiguenamanagh

County Development Plan Chapter 9


9          Infrastructure and Environment

9.1       Introduction

It is the aim of the Council, through the efficient management of a wide range of engineering services and infrastructure to provide for the sustainable social and economic development of the county.  These services include the following:

•           Transport,

•           Energy,

•           Telecommunications,

•           Environment,

•           Water Services, and

•           Fire Services.


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