Central Access Scheme


1. Introduction
I welcome the presentation to the public of the Draft Development Plans and the opportunity to make my submission. A great deal of work by the County Council and its agents is evidenced in the Draft Plan and its four volumes.
2. Submission

D20 Various

Bus transport

'getting the public out of their cars requires a more responsive bus system... expanded services, enhanced quality of services such as integrated timetabling, tickets and real-time passenger information.. park and ride'. (2020 Vision - Sustainable Travel and Transport, An Roinn Iompair, 2008). 

Kilkenny must be one of the few, backward counties in the country without bus shelters (excepting Iarnrod E's). The money is probably being hoarded to fund the outdated, unnecessary and expensive Central Access Scheme (CAS). This isn't 'smart travel'. 

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