You ref ADD/005/13
Re Proposed addition of Ballyragget Corn Mill to Kilkenny County Councils Record of Protected Structures.
NIAH Ref 12303001
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am the owner of the above mentioned building and wish to make the following submission in relation to its inclusion in the record of Protected Structures.
The building is currently being used as a store/outhouse for various items of property. Substantial changes were made to the interior of the building prior to my purchase of the same during the 1980’s.
When we purchased the building we installed the current windows which are of no historical consequence. The only original part of the building which remain are the outer walls which are in significant disrepair.
The main structure whilst being relatively old is not in my opinion of significant quality or historical value to justify its addition to the councils record of protected structures. The additional outbuildings which have been added to both end of the building can certainly merit
no inclusion in any register.
I do not support the proposal to include the structure in the list of protected properties and would ask that it be excluded from any such list.
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