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On behalf of the Kilkenny Association of An Taisce, I'm enclosing our submission to the Kilkenny Draft County Development Plan 2014-2020.
I would like to complement you on the broad, encompassing nature of the Plan.
Yours sincerely,
Mary T. Brennan (Honory Secretary, An Taisce's Kilkenny Association)
Submission by An Taisce - Kilkenny Association, to the Kilkenny Draft County Development Plan 2014-2020
Chapter 7 Recreation, Tourism and the Arts
7.3.6 Public Rights of Way
We encourage the Council to carry out the survey work required to identify public rights of way in the County and to create new ones in order to improve access to the countryside.
Chapter 8 Heritage
8.2.3 Protecting Biodiversity in Kilkenny
The protection of wildlife habitats and landscape features important for supporting biodiversity can only be achieved in cooperation with farmers. Consideration should be given to liaison with Teagasc and other farming organizations in order to better implement and enhance the protection of nature. The increased commercialization of agnculture over recent decades has been the main contributory factor in the loss of wildflowers and pollinators in the countryside. Farmers should be encouraged to plant wildflower belts in addition to protecting hedgerows and trees.
8.2.5 Woodlands, Trees and Hedgerows
Significant trees in the County should be protected with Tree Preservation Orders and planting of further specimen trees should be encouraged on farmland. Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes
We would welcome further research on heritage gardens in the County so that the potential list becomes an actual list and we would like to see them protected and enhanced by any means possible.
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An Taisce
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