Open Space, Recreation and Tourism

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There are 20 festivals listed on Kilkenny’s Tourism website at including the Arts Festival, Savour Kilkenny, the Irish Conker Championships and the Kilkenny Walking Festival
Photo St. Patrick's parade monster hurlers
Open space is a multi-purpose land use that enhances our cities, towns and rural villages: it can be a recreational resource, a habitat for wildlife, and an oasis from the hustle and bustle of city living.  A network of open spaces, from a city park to a modest kick-about space in a residential estate, plays a key role in achieving the sustainable development of our urban areas.  The provision of a range of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities not only contributes to the health and quality of life of the county’s citizens, but it has economic benefits too.  The County has a wealth of natural and built recreational assets including the River Nore Linear Walks, the Castle Park, the Castlecomer Discovery Park, Woodstock Estate, the Watershed and the numerous sporting facilities including GAA clubs, the Gowran Race Track and Mount Juliet golf course.
Tourism is a key economic driver in Kilkenny.  Tourists come to Kilkenny for many reasons: its heritage, arts & crafts, festivals, sporting occasions and its vibrancy.   It is essential that tourism is nurtured and strengthened as an industry for the city and county.
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  • How can Kilkenny’s facilities be improved to strengthen our attraction as a tourist destination?  
  • Are there enough restaurants, hotels, campsites, galleries, museums, nightclubs etc.?
  • How can we best conserve areas of natural heritage value while maintaining access for recreation?
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