D41 Freshford

Dear Sir I Madam,
I wish to make a Submission in relation to the Kilkenny Draft County Development Plan, in connection with my lands at Freshford.
I am the owner of a land holding of 3.5 hectares in Freshford , which is zoned for Residential in the current Local Area Plan.
These land were the subject of a Submission in relation to Variation No 2 of the County Development Plan (copy attached Appendix A),
The history of the site is contained in that Submission.
In particular, I would refer to Planning Re P.07/1975, which was submitted after consultation with the Planning Authority.
The layout addressed the issues raised by the Planning Authority and complied with the relevant objectives of the Local Area Plan.
It was withdrawn once it became apparent that the Council would not support a temporary Treatment Plant to service the site.
This impediment to the development of the site is no longer operable, as I understand that funding is in place and Tenders have been received by the Council for the construction of a new modern Treatment Plant, with a capacity of 3000 P.E.
Based on this and the logic set out in the Bluett and O'Donoghue Submission, I request that the boundary shown on the current Draft be extended to take in the remainder of my lands, as outlined in the current Development Plan.
In particular it should be noted (as per Bluett & O'Donoghue) that the development of the proposed is not really feasible and would result in a poor housing layout.  This extended zoned land could then be developed as Phase 1 and Phase 2 as shown on the attached map fig 3
The development of the Phase 1 lands would then provide finance to the Council to cover portion of the costs of the new Treatment Plant.
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