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In 2009, Ireland ranked second highest for shopping centre space per capita in Europe, after the Netherlands, in research by Jones Lang LaSalle of 25 countries, with approximately 440sqm of shopping centre stock for every 1,000 people.
Kilkenny local authorities have the objective of positioning and promoting Kilkenny as one of Ireland’s most competitive business locations.  The collective efforts of the public and private sector need to be harnessed and aligned in order to maximise this objective. Considerable changes have  taken  place in terms of the dynamics that shape and drive the Irish economy since the last Development Plan (2008 – 2014).  Kilkenny’s economic competitive position is very much influenced by the competitive strength of the economy generally.  Competitiveness of places are now judged on quality of design, amenities, and efficiency of transport. The Development Plan has a key role in this.  Prioritisation of critical infrastructure requirements for enterprise will be required in the context of tighter budgetary conditions for the immediate future.
Photo Belview Port, Co. Kilkenny
Good design adds quality to the places we live, work and enjoy. Ensuring high quality design adds value to the city, towns, villages and countryside and improves our quality of life. The Development Plan will promote high quality design by encouraging its integration into every aspect of the plan.
From an enterprise and competitiveness perspective there is full recognition that a high quality of life is a key component in competitiveness.  A variety of lifestyle choices can be accommodated in the diverse physical landscape and settlement patterns across the county.   
Photo Kilkenny city parade shopping
  • What type of employment should Kilkenny seek to encourage and where should it be located?
  • Does Kilkenny City need to improve its retail offer to its citizens and visitors?
  • How could Kilkenny improve its retailing offer?
  • How can Kilkenny promote high quality design?
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