Water Services


Did you know that…?
The new treatment plant for Thomastown cost €2,1 million.
Turning the tap off when brushing your teeth can save over 7,000 litres of water per year.
Kilkenny has grown rapidly. This growth has greatly increased the demand for water services, waste management, telecommunications and energy.
The Council’s Water Services Investment Programme sets out how water services will be prioritised around the county.
Schemes recently completed are: 
  • South Kilkenny Water Supply Phase 1A       
  • Kilmacow Waste Water Treatment Plant and Network         
  • Thomastown Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade 
  • Gowran Waste Water Treatment Plant           
  • Tullaroan Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Gowran Goresbridge Paulstown Water Improvements 
Photo water treatment plant Kilkenny
The provision of water services infrastructure is linked to the County’s settlement hierarchy.  Future development can only proceed with the appropriate infrastructure in place.
Huge change is imminent in this area with the centralisation of the water services function to a national Water Authority.
The EU Water Framework Directive has stipulated that authorities must take a holistic approach to river basin management, and the South Eastern River Basin Management Plan was published in 2010.  This is available at http://www.serbd.com/
  • In the context of the  current economic climate, how can we best prioritise water services investment? 
  • How can we best strike a balance between the protection of water quality whilst encouraging new development?  
  • In what way should River Basin Management Plans be integrated into the Development Plans?
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