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A total of seven wind farms now have planning permission in Co. Kilkenny. 
Photo wind turbine South Kilkenny
Huge amounts of energy are needed to heat homes and offices, fuel transport, power industry and generate electricity.  However, energy saving and renewable energy technologies can reduce our carbon emissions and dependence upon fossil fuels.
The existing gas pipeline in Kilkenny is located in the north of the county and connects Ballyragget and Kilkenny to the Dublin/Cork gas main.   Under the Strategic Infrastructure Act, Bord Gáis have applied for permission from An Bord Pleanála for a natural gas pipeline through the County from Baunlusk, south of the city, to Ballinlaw, near Slieverue in the south.  This pipeline will connect the Dublin/Cork gas main to the Great Island power station in County Wexford.
The County is served by a network of 38KV, 110KV and 220KV electricity supply.  This can be augmented to respond to the demands of industry.
Information and communication technology, including broadband, is essential for local communities and the national economy. Investment in broadband infrastructure is essential for economic development.  The County needs an expanded high quality network.
A Waste Management Plan for the South East Region was adopted in 2006. The Plan was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Waste Management Act 2003 and aims to radically alter the approach of waste through a hierarchy of preferential modes of waste management such as prevention, minimisation and recycling.  An evaluation of the Waste Management Plan must be completed by the end of 2012.
In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of factoring the risk to people, property, the overall economy and the environment from flooding into the planning system.  In 2009, the Government produced Guidelines to integrate Flood Risk Management into the planning process.  A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment was carried out for the county in 2011, and this will be revised as part of this Development Plan.  This assessment will establish the areas of flood risk and will ensure that development takes due account of this risk.  This report will be published as part of the Draft Plan and will be available for comment.
Photo flooding Graiguenamanagh
  • How can we ensure that the County has a strong communications network?
  • Are there places in Kilkenny where wind farms should or shouldn’t be developed? 
  • What  can we do to minimise the risk of flooding to existing and new buildings?  
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